About Me

I’m the girl who dreams at night but wakes up remembering nothing. The one that sits all day long on her bum reading a book because it’s just that addicting. The one that laughs, hopes, prays and in the end, chooses to smile because it’s the only act of kindness one can give to the rude.

I’m a dreamer, a reader, a writer, a girl, a young lady, a leading voice and, if you want less fancy talk, a teenager. I have dreams, hopes, goals and thing to accomplish– but I think sitting about and loosing myself in a book does it for now.

Join my rollercoaster of rants in here, talk your heart out if you want–and always remember that wherever you are, you always have a voice; and whoever you are, you’re loved and respected.

Welcome to my blog, chums.

P.S. I’m all over the internet with many usernames, so if you happened to stumble upon something written here, uncited and not quoted, being quite similar to something you’ve read on wattpad (hey there) or instagram (howdy) or even Facebook (the headache you must’ve had, coming such a long way!), just know that they’re all written by me under different usernames because I’m just that random. And I hate plagiarism, so I’ll never use another’s work without crediting them. Also, all pictures posted here (except those I say I have taken myself) are not mine– they’re either from Google Images or Instagram or maybe even Pinterest! 

28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is probably the besttt site I am come across here! It’s fun and playful, I look forward to reading more from here in the future! – Michelle

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