Colour me excuse-less (huge rant coming up) 

Dearest reader,

Allow me to introduce myself in one sentence: I’m a person who looks at the world with colours.

Honestly, it helps you avoid judgement in an out-of-the-box way. It makes you want to paint a monochromic field with all the vivid pastels out there. And it makes you sort of happy too.
I see people as colours too, obviously. And you know what? It works. A blue person is one who is reaching for equilibrium. Peace of mind. A red one is one who’s richly passionate. A yellow one is bright and cheerful. A green one is kind and youthful. And the list goes on. (Check out my colour dictionary here.)

Basically, this is all an introduction to the real deal here. And my topic today is about excuses.

Now you might ask, ‘What do colours have to do with excuses?’ So my answer, dear reader, would be that seeing the world in colours is something that isn’t recurring everyday. You don’t find that around people daily. It’s something new, let’s say. It’s not repetitive. It’s not as old as an excuse.

When I tell you not to judge; you’ll find an excuse and say that you can’t help it; that there are certain aspects out there that are just so ‘judge-worthy’. My reply? I see the people as colours and so I can’t judge. *Excuse Failure*

When I tell you to be optimistic, you’ll find the excuse and say that the world is filled with dark secret and lies; and you, yet again, can’t help it. I, on the other hand, paint the monochromic parts with my brain and mind and make it all bright and new again. *Excuse Failure*

When I tell you work with a team, you’ll find an excuse and say that you can only work alone. Tell me, will you be able to make a poster without writing on it or even giving it a drawing? Nope, you won’t; that doesn’t make a poster. So I’ll tell you that nothing works alone on its own like that. Different aspects, different chromes and different resources are used. *Excuse Failure*

And now you know why colours are there. Because they just demolished weak excuses in the simplest of ways.

So what is an excuse?

It’s a hideout. It’s a getaway. And most importantly, sometimes, it’s a lie. It could be a reason put forward in order to conceal the real reason behind a certain occurrence. It could be a justification of a specific action or the like. But if you look at it that way.. Don’t you think that finding excuses is a bit dull? Don’t you think that it’s not exactly a good thing? Don’t you think that it slows down your daily activities and for no apparent relevant reason?

Take it easy and don’t stress it out; find no excuses. Come up with none of them. It’s just as easy to avoid the excuses than getting them and it’s even easier to just get on with matters in life.

But as always, thank you for reading 🙂

Midnight Ranter (aka Ayaka)