Favourite Part Of Blogging //FPOB Collab

Imagine yourself standing in a roomful of screaming music. 

Imagine yourself stranded on an island. 

Imagine yourself setting fire with the mere touch of your hand. 

Okay, I know it gets wilder and wilder by the second, but I feel as though that’s the way it is with imagination. But in case you don’t want metaphors and similes, I’ll say it outright:

Did you ever had this one moment, or millions of them, where you had your head filled with all sorts of thoughts, ideas and talks and they felt so loud in there that you could almost see them spilling out in one incoherent bundle of opinions?

Have you ever felt isolated or alone or even as though you had a bubble of your own and you only managed to float around people with it, but never really mingle?

Or have you ever been so passionate about this one thing, be it books, makeup, fashion, words, TV, or anything in between, to the point that you felt as though your passion alone could spark up and ignite worlds once unleashed?

Whether it’s the first, second, third or any other reason, we need an escape. And by that, I don’t strictly mean a way out; I mean a temporary distraction from reality and routine— somewhere to vent out all of this pent up energy. And to me, this blog right here is my haven.

In one epic Collab, 17 bloggers came together to answer one question we all ultimately ask ourselves at one point or the other. What is your favourite part about blogging?

Many would say the community; others would say the vibe; some would say the liberation. Me? I say it’s all that and more in one. It’s this unity that comes with being a blogger and reading blogs in general; it’s seeing that the world is truly round, because we are all from all over the globe and yet meet as though we’ve come a full circle already.

In here, it doesn’t matter whether you’re short, tall, fat, thin, black, white, man or woman. What matters is you’re a human with thoughts, emotions, hobbies and things to say and share and that there’ll always be someone to hear what you have in mind and maybe even agree with you. What matters is that you’re never alone and never will be. And that— that’s my favourite thing about blogging and it’s people.

Therefore, I’d like to thank all of my blogging friends, readers, and viewers—all those who have stopped by at least once and taken a glance at this little nook of mine in the blogosphere and made me feel like I belong.

I’d also like to thank these wonderful fellow bloggers who have come together in this Collab and give them a shoutout because each and every one of them has great content and a very real post on our favourite thing about blogging, one that definitely deserves a read:


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No one said anything about this bit but.. I want to hear what you love about blogging; so consider this a tag and do it! Tell me about it in the comments or write up a post and let me know because (that’s a secret here) the comments I receive and the talks I have with you people are what makes blogging definitely definitely the best thing on earth~


Midnight Ranter (aka Ayaka)


The Pen Pal Collab! (ft. Mahriya @ My Bookish Life)

Hullo inhabitants of planet Earth (or any other planet you find accommodating)!

Today is a special day featuring a very special person. What’s the occasion you ask? Well, no, it’s not exactly a birthday celebration, no.

Mahriya from MyBookishLife and I decided to finally collaborate together (which is, like, the greatest thing to ever happen to little Ranter here) and let the world witness a whirlwind of thoughts that was never before seen. Mahriya is one of the most wonderful, sweet and adorable bloggers I’ve ever had the honour of knowing, and this collab is as special as it is epic simply because that lady right there is phenomenal.

Besides, it’s about one of our all-time favourite books, and how can one honour his favourite book in any way other than write about it? With that said, we decided to think up of a prompt with the book in mind, and here’s what we came up with! The prompt is Kites, in honour of The Kite Runner, one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. And since today also happens to be Opposites Day (did you know that?), I’m posting Mahriya’s answer and she’s posting mine.


So here’s Mahriya’s answer, be sure to check out her blog for its epic and great content! No kidding, that girl has so much creativity stored in there it’s a tad too phenomenal. And while you are at it, you may find my answer to the prompt and perhaps you’d want to give it a go? Because I know it won’t be so tempting after you check out what Mahriya has written (she blew my mind away with the description, God). But it’d be awesome of you to check it out~

Kite Prompt.png

The kite. There it lay, drunkenly resting on the blue suitcase, still tired from the days when it used to be dragged around and ripped up in the never-ending sky. Those days were over. It had been many years since the Kite had felt the harsh wind of the world or the rough tiny hands of a human. And today, it would be stuffed away, taken to a different place altogether.

It was no longer elegant and beautiful as it had once been. Its edges has been folded by the hard walls of the cupboard and its string was limp whilst the actual kite itself was dead and silent. It hadn’t been used in years and the Kite couldn’t quite remember how the fresh fluffy clouds felt and  how the calm, blue sky looked. Not anymore. Now the Kite only knew of the the dark scary inside of the cupboard and the lonely days to come.
They had called the Kite ‘The Monster’, once. Its humongous, colourful face would roar in the wind and its tail would swirl around like a fire dancing. It would soar and rip through the air, with envious faces trailing behind.
Its new home would probably be in a dump far away from any contests or child. Far away from any attention or love. Far away from life and the world. It was no longer a champion, it was just a broken toy that no-one wanted to touch.
Children didn’t play anymore, only stared at screens and flat objects that they carried around with them. There were no annual Kite contests, only apps and games online.
There were no Kites, only broken toys.

There were no Children, only addicts.
There were no Kite Runners. Not anymore.

by mahriya.png

Oh God. Oh God. Was that fantabulous or what? Personally speaking, I’d like to sign up for writing lessons from her because it was just that good. Agreed?

Be sure to check out my answer to the prompt over at Mahriya’s blog, and while you’re at it, give her a hearty follow because that’s one of those decisions you won’t ever regret~

Tell me your thoughts on the prompt and its answers below! You know I love hearing (reading, really) them!



Midnight Ranter (aka Ayaka)