I’m thinking it all started with a wish,

A happy one at that.

365 days prior,

I typed my heart out.


I remember wanting that first one unique,

Something out of the blue,

Something a lot like me,

The very talkative geek.


But now I read it again,

Thinking it was all very genuine and real.

I’ve written many words since then,

Describing you in every shade of teal.


So thinking back at it all,

Maybe it started with that meet up,

In restaurant characterised by the sea,

At a time where I really felt completely free.


..I used to hear your name and shyly smile.


Because in my heart, it lighted a flame;

And it ignited a fire of sleepless nights,

Lost with my heart skipping a mile after a mile.

And yes,

I know that you’re not to blame,

But for me to get that…

It may take a while.


You know what is it that I miss?


I miss the boy with the ambitions.

I miss the artist with the aimless brush,

The one who wanted to draw worlds with his own conditions.

Because that-

That was the boy I fell for.

That was the you that daily made me blush.


Do you know what’s a Kaleidoscope?

It’s what they call a group of butterflies;

It’s what gave me daily hope.

They’d flutter by each time we talk,

And I ask what if I suddenly on that choke?

But hey that’s me,

I ask crazy questions all the time,

And you’d reply with answers that rhyme.


I knew too much and too little,

And I always wanted more.

Then we stopped talking,

And the bond went a tad brittle.

But that’s okay, I guess,

It’s not like we’d clean the mess.


Had I lost the signs or were they right there?

And when did we agree to part ways?

Because I never got to say goodbye–

Never saw the ‘good’ in there.

I knew life got us caught up by,

But give me an instant where that’s fair.


Yes you rode the waves,

And yes I surfed mine too.

But hadn’t I waited for you by the shore?

What else could I’ve done more?

Alone, you built your caves,

And alone, I sat there without a clue.

Hey there beautiful people!

Since good Ol’ Sir Valentine is upon us, I thought I may as well present my own share of chocolate here with this sad love poem. What did you think? My heart kinda broke with that last stanza there, did yours too?

That aside though, allow me to say: Happy Valentine’s Day; and may the odds be ever in your favour!


Midnight Ranter (aka Ayaka)

8 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope

  1. Speechless . Again.

    I seriously do not know HOW you do it! How do you make such beautiful poems, that make me tear up and feel as if I’m in the situation even though I’m a ‘#ForeverASinglePringle’
    Seriously, you need to write more poetry, sorry, A POETRY BOOK. I would be the first to buy and probably buy several copies of your wonderful work. I don’t even know how to explain how AMAZING your poems are. If I was to describe your work, I wouldn’t even be able to speak. Seriously, I would just say ‘go read it’ and then everyone would be swooning over how wonderful your work is.
    I think one day you’re gonna be a famous writer, or maybe you already are, and I’m just a clueless pineapple.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This is just sad. Yup, it is! I like writing about this kind of feelings too but it was Valentines so I thought I’d post one later on after and besides I didn’t want to ruin the lovey dovey feeling in the air too. Haha. But you, you posted THIS and I loved it though it broke my heart.

    And you’re not alone *raise hand* #ForeverASinglePringle here too!


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