The Ranter’s Revived

Guess who’s back from the dead? Yep, we book-reading ranters can do that too.


So I know I haven’t been around for the past 2 centuries or so, and believe me, they truly felt like that and more. I’ve been having troubles connecting with my wifi (all lovers have such issues, yeah?) and to top that off, my electronic devices decided to rebel or something, simultaneously, methodically, all shutting off and refusing to function properly.


But we’ve moved past that. I survived (miraculously– thank the Lord for books), and now I’m back!


With that said, I’d just like to thank every one of my readers BECAUSE YOU HUMANS ARE PHENOMENAL. And although there is no particular reason for my saying that, one ought to remind another that they’re phenomenal– that’s the least one can do. I guess a part of me thought that my blog would fall apart just a little with my sudden disappearance, but what do you know– I still got tagged on so many tags ( I think– so watch out for that); I still got mentioned round the blogosphere and I’m 5 FOLLOWERS AWAY FROM HITTING 100! Like I know many have moved way ahead of that but can we pause to imagine a little Ranter like yours truly ranting away in front of 100 people? Crazy, yeah?


So for that I’m thankful, and for all of you for sticking around; I also welcome my new followers and would like to thank them for stopping by~


And since I missed saying it before:

I wish you all a prosperous, happy, successful, eventful and fulfilling 2017. It may not come without its own bundle of pain and ache, but without pain there’s no gain, no? I pray that you always find the light in the darkest of times, the hope in the moments of despair and that you’d always find strength in your own smile and heart– because you need to trust that you’re your own source of greatness.


With that said, I’m now off to answer the almost-exploding heap of emails I’ve been getting since I last logged into life.

Stay blessed,

Midnight Ranter (aka Ayaka)

13 thoughts on “The Ranter’s Revived

  1. Wow, it’s so nice to hear from you again. And first of all, welcome back and happy 2017!!! I know you have a lot of catching up to do so I won’t take a lot of your time anymore by writing a long post, just want to let you know I’m glad you’re ranting again! 😀

    And yeah, I know it sucked to have your gadgets rebelling and such! I’ve had my fair share of that experience before christmas too but thank gods my phone and computer are working again now. :))

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    • Oh Dez, I missed seeing you around too! You have no idea how much you (and my few other blogging mates) make up of my daily life; but I certainly have an idea about that now that I went off for so long! So happy 2017 to you too, and I truly hope we get to make loads of epic memories in this fresh start of a year~

      I’m happy you got them working again, because I know the feeling wasn’t very nice *glares at the rebellious little technological devils*. So yay for our return and may we never lose our ways again 😌 xx

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  2. OMG You’re BACK? LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on (nearly) 100! WOOOOWWWWWWWWW!

    P.S Replying to your email ASAP!

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    • Awaaaah 😍 No mate, you don’t sound creepy at all; you sound like the leader of the welcoming committee of a very loving group- which just about describes the blogosphere!
      I too missed your epic posts and unique tone, your loving character and I’m so glad I’m back; because now I get to see more of you around! *insert an emoji of my squealing, over-excited mess of a self here*
      And thanks! It’s not nearly as close as to your count (great work there, by the way; you’re rocking the blogverse with your creativity!) but I’m glad~

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