I am 

I’m a lot more than just a face,
I’m a soul, a mind and a spirit.
I’m not here to win life’s race,
I’m here to test my limit.
I wore my cloak and went on a journey,
Riding along its ups and downs.
In time, I vowed to make myself worthy,
And despite all, never leave my grounds.
But then heads turned toward me,
Asking me in silence,
‘Isn’t it time for you to flee?’
And that’s when my head rang it’s sirens.
Was there something wrong in being you?
In not wearing a mask that covers your truth?
In being a bird that finally grew?
And in living your moment– living your youth?
I’m a lot more than just a face,
I’m a soul, a mind and a spirit.
I’m not here to win life’s race,
I’m here to test my limit.


What did you think of this short piece? Strong? Determined? Independent-ish? If so, then I did my part. 

Honestly speaking though, I won’t tell you to not give what people say a second thought, because there IS something such as constructive criticism and it’s not half bad. But don’t be like everyone. Be different. Be unique. Be you. Whichever gender you are; whatever religion, race or country you belong to, be proud of it. Be proud of being you– because, well, everybody else is taken. 

Please give me your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to read them all. Also, do you think that I should be uniformed with posting? Like post on specific days and all or just let it be? 

And oh yes! If there’s anything you want me to write about next; I’m open for any and all suggestions 🙂 


Loads of love, 
Midnight Ranter (aka Ayaka) 

8 thoughts on “I am 

  1. I tried to pick out a part that stood out the most for me, but literally all of it was perfect. Oh how I’m so guilty of being a sheep and following the herd. So often I pretend to be someone else. And ahhh I hate that about meeee hahaha.

    This is kinda off track…But do you reckon you’d ever make a slam poetry? I honestly think you’d be amazing at them 🙂 xx


    • Don’t hate anything about yourself! Just accept that it’s not something you want associated with you and alter it up; but just love yourself as you are 🙂

      Also, slam poetry? Isn’t that when you read poetry out loud or am I mistaken?


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