What have we done? 

Purity is gone,

It’s now all tainted.

The innocence of a newborn,

With games and motives now painted.

The past has departed,

Leaving us in awe of the present.

But here’s where wars have started,

And all that’s left now is hope buried in cement.

What have we done?

Where have we gone?

What will we outrun,

When it’s already past dawn?


Heya wonderful ones! 

I come to you with another rant-y piece of mine, brimmed up with questions and wonders. 

Seriously though, look at us; we’ve come so far from the past, and yet, not everything we do has changed for the better. There are people out there who bleed out all the remnants of hope that they may have had as they face this weird world of ours. So for everyone out there losing sight of the colours of the world: 

One day, we shall break the cement encasing our golden, shining hope; and we’ll all break out like newly born flowers. Just aid in changing the world to the better and you’ll see. 

With loads of love,

Midnight Ranter (aka Ayaka) 


13 thoughts on “What have we done? 

  1. That was just loads of food for thought. As always, written beautifully and poetically and put into words where I can completely understand as it touches my heart but it still takes me a second to comprehend the beauty and complexity of your pieces! YOU ARE SO TALENTED!! Keep on writing and thinking up these amazing rants!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my Lord… THANK YOU SO BLOOMING MUCH. You have no idea what comments like yours (and especially comments coming from you) mean to me. Honestly, I’m really happy you enjoyed my work and the boost of confidence you splashed my way will remain with me for quite the long while. So thank you so much for that; and I’m looking forward to more of YOUR pieces because you’re no less, if not more, talented than you say I am (tough sentence that was XD ). xx

      Liked by 1 person

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