I saw the light

Four days without a phone,

And I felt like a newborn.

I looked around and saw the light,

And could’ve sworn it wasn’t as bright.

Looking around you was a thing of the past,

Now it’s a concept—a series of dreams that never really last.

I realised we’ve stopped enjoying our days,

Stopped looking for our craze.

I went to the ocean and saw the light,

And for once, I let go of the social fright.

I went to the beach and saw the stars,

And they looked like tiny and little lit jars.

I went to a place where I found solace,

A time where our phones didn’t take a toll on us.

In a night far away and hushed,

The surroundings pressed—mushed.

Everything stood still and muted,

And darkness spread; deep-rooted.

Fear wasn’t what plagued me,

It was fun that did; and for once I felt free.

I swam in a pool and raced the waves,

And the claws slipped away— freed us, the slaves.

So hop along and let go,

For one day or even two.

Search for that peace of mind,

And leave all that made you blind.


Howdy my most beloved readers! 

I’m sorry for being absent for a while now; but I went to a resort for a couple of days and had no internet connection there. Actually, I more-or-less got rid of my phone during those few days, and, truth be told, I felt rather liberated. Today’s little piece is about the feelings I felt there and the things I saw, and the peace I actually felt was beyond what words would do justice to; but it was all quite exhilarating. What I mean to say is: freeing ourselves of our electronic cages is a right we ought to hold on to; so do give yourselves a break– it’s truly wonderful. (Also, did you see that picture? Taken by yours truly xx) 


Midnight Ranter (aka Ayaka)  


9 thoughts on “I saw the light

  1. I’d be lying if I say I don’t mind a day without using gadgets but I agree that sometimes we need a little break from all the gadgets around us and just enjoy a peaceful, social media free day! 🙂

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  2. It’s nice. I can actually imagine you writing this after that trip you had. (Did that sound creepy? I hope not) You did a great job writing it. And I love the rhyming! 😀

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  3. Sorry, but is Ayaka your real name? I’m not sure…
    Anyways, this was a great poem, it really shows us that we need to be FREE from our gadgets, imprisoning us without knowing us. They MAKE us addicted! Haha, anyways, this was a really great and mmeaningful poem

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    • What are you apologising for? Ayaka is an alias of mine; it’s origin is Japanese (meaning colourful fragrance) and since I more-or-less learn that language (and still learning), I thought it’d be better if I had a Japanese alias too.

      And thank you for the compliment! Is true that we’re a bit too caught up in our virtual worlds, as they’re actually quite the safe blankets for us, but a little break is good for us and for those around us. So thank you for your comment, it really, really, means a lot xx

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      • Umm, I dunno, people may find it offensive that i’m being a bit snoopy? (Curiosity killed the cat!) But, that’s really cool. I would love to learn a language like Japanese or Chineese(well, to mostly write it1)

        Your welcome, it was really an insight on how our lives revolve around screens! /typing blogs and comments all day, do not count to my life revolving around gadgets, ahem/

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      • You could be all snoopy with me, I’m a curious person myself so I don’t mind it, really. I find the writing bit almost the hardest when it comes to Japanese, but practice makes perfect, I think XD
        /I myself thought it rather ironic that I’m typing out something about our use of technologies and social media on social media itself. But blogging is a lifestyle, not an addiction XD/


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