Which is it? 

If you were a red and I was a blue-grey, will you set it on fire and let this passion burn away?

Will I rain down droplets of hope or will it be despair?

Is your fire a flaming torch or is it a dying flame?

Is it an ember in the ashes or a lost cry, flail?

Am I the tear hesitating to drop down and away?

Is this too cliche?

It is, yeah.

Do I care?

I do; I always do.

And that is the problem.


Ps. It doesn’t rhyme, I know; but it has hidden meanings, I guess. 


Midnight Ranter


7 thoughts on “Which is it? 

  1. Sometimes I write poems that don’t rhyme at all but I don’t care as long as I get to write what I really want to write with feelings and all. 😀

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