Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children– Book Review 

I couldn’t just start the next book without reviewing this one here… Okay.. So, after my exams ended, I decided to feast my eyes on something that could take my mind away from all the emotions I’ve been through there.

To make it short, I’ve encountered an amazingly written, perfectly portrayed and awesomely paced novel that had me glued to its fervent pages.

Meet Jacob Portman, a teenage boy who, like us all, believe in the fairytales narrated by his favourite man— his grandfather. Many times did he dream and hope of leading an adventurous life that could compare to his grandfather’s; but his weakling of a self had been rather unfortunately keen on crushing those fantasies.

Following the quote “Be careful what you wish for”, Jacob does get his very own adventure when he stumbles upon The Home of Peculiar Children; who, for the fact, were bombed when a Nazi bomb was dropped on top of them.

And so begins his peculiar quest; and with it, he discovers many many things; facts about his grandfather that were never told or never believed in, things he didn’t know could actually exist, and power he never really thought he ever held.

The book takes a smooth turn from a contemporary realistic piece into a fascinating page-turner of wit and historical fiction.

A peculiar read indeed; and one that I absolutely loved.

–Midnight Ranter

6 thoughts on “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children– Book Review 

  1. Aah! Omg, I’ve read the entire series and they rock! I can’t believe how relieved I am that I know someone who loves this.


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