The season of Revenge

Howdy Readers! This is inspired by what’s going on right now outside my window, a rather VERY sudden change of moods there. 

Washed away and ablaze, the sky whirls around, galloping heaps of dust and sand with every howl of the wind it blows into the air. It tints the atmosphere in shades of orange and red, hues of Autumn dancing amidst a summer’s sky. The sand lifts up and hurls about, rejoicing its freedom and lightness. Nature’s revenge on humanity’s pollution, the humans thought, covering up their mouths, noses and squinting their eyes. It’s the anger boiling and sizzling up there, evident with every passing gale.

“Rejoice my friends!

Go! Fly away!

Let my wind take you along,

Dance to its rhythm and sway.


It’s the season of revenge,

It’s time for us to avenge,

Let your freedom flow,

It’s your territory under my dome,

It’s your home under my dorm,

This is what it is;

This is our sandstorm.”


Hope you’ve enjoyed the little piece and your reviews and comments would mean the world to me! 

–Midnight Ranter


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