I’m a tornado,

I messed everything in my wake,

I broke hearts and was the reason for their ache,

I raised a mayhem buried way too deep,

And now there’s no going back,

I’ll only let the blood flow and seep.

So remind me of the days where I used to be,

Called out for the girl who represented me.

I caused the damage without repair,

I stormed away from everything,

And left it all fragile and bare.

In my haste,

I never looked back,

Trudged forward and fast,

Not once pausing for my past.

We were all puppets waiting to preform,

I moved first,

And now I drown in my own storm.

I’ve made a mistake,

And I dared the whole world to prove me wrong,

And I’d do it again,

Searching for a place where I belong.

In this world, we’re all alone,

We’d die and live,

Our souls bored and sown.

And, alas, comes our death,

There, we are breathing our last breath,

A lungful of air,

Our minds aware,

Surroundings loom,

It’s a day of gloom!

Break that bond and let it go,

Let the spirit show and glow,

May death find you alive, I had said

And there it came as she bled.

I shed my tears,

I bid my farewell,

And in my chest there bloom my pains that swell.

I’ll hide it,

I’ll spit;

I’d be the horrible me you’ve never met.

I’d do whatever it takes,

To drive away those aches.

I’ll drink,

I’ll smoke,

I’ll let the rebellion cloak,

A fire beneath my hearth,

A sorrowful flame without a worth.

–Midnight Ranter

Side Note: This is a first-person narrative from my fictional story; nothing too real! 


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