All the Bright Places– Book Review

So I said (typed) ‘books’, ‘reading’ and being a ‘nerd’ over and over again but not a thing about books came up, did it? To compensate, here’s a review of a book that *spoiler* tore my heart. 

Dearest readers,

I await the words to come springing by… Or at least; strolling. But I’m afraid they are all too shaken up to move. Or perhaps I’m the one so.
My eyes still sting. My head is still throbbing. My nose feels quite itchy. And my brain is just as dull.
You ask why?
I’ll say because this book (All the Bright Places) literally broke my heart apart. I knew that crying was involved. But for anything to be so abruptly? No, I hadn’t a clue, Sir.
Meet Theodore Finch; sky-blue eyes; Raven black hair; gigantic body with the right muscles, and, well, the will to die. It’s the tugging that pulls him down and under a murky depth where he finds its darkness alluring. He itches to reach into the oblivion; let go of everything as his mind goes blank, and maybe—just maybe— he thinks of actually doing so.
Now meet Violet Markey. A girl that was labelled broken and fragile; one who wants to let go, too. Her sister died and her life was striped away and off of her; so why can’t Violet do so too and not give the world a second thought?

As the story progresses, they cross paths, and from what I’ve seen and read; it’s clear that: Finch is Violet’s flute. The one that brings about the tunes and harmony into her life. She’s his anchor; the one that makes him want to be there. To remain Awake.
The way the book is written; is, for starters, wonderful. Not a single fragment of dull description; and the pace wasn’t too quick nor too fast; as it did mark its territory in the shattered remains of my heart.

The book did affect me; it had shed the light on topics as sensitive and recurring such as life and death. Why do we live? Why do we sometimes feel the urge to die? What is it that really matters? What happens if we stopped caring?
All of these questions are asked; and many of them are answered. The book was beautiful. It would absolutely touch you just like it did with me. If you’re a fan of The Fault In Our Stars; then yes, go ahead and endeavour this roller coaster of feelings and lessons because it’s absolutely worth it.
With Humour, loveable characters, insight within lines and a wondrously curved story plot; this has been one of my best reads of the year.



Midnight Ranter


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