About Knives…

Hullo readers! (One day there will be quite the few)

Okay, I’ve realised some things:
You could be heard but not listened to. You could speak out with a loud captain’s voice, yet the sea waves would crash and mute your calls.
You could complain, but no one would imply.
You could talk but that doesn’t mean that that your words mean anything.
You could see but not observe.
You could die and still remain alive.
You could kill but not hurt.
You could bend.
You could break.
You could do anything.

Question is: what will matter in the end?

Hey if we look closely, I think that somewhere; deep down, we realise that humans could be a bit too selfish. I’m selfish for writing this and wanting people to agree with it. You might be selfish for some reason or the other. I could be selfless for wanting to make a point for pure good will. And so could you. It’s a choice. You always have the authority to choose between the left and the right; the up and the down and the smile or the frown.
The words that come spluttering out of your mouth could be the poison to another person. So just choose your words really carefully.
One of my favourite authors once said, “One must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”
Another once said, “Words are like cutlery; if we use them the wrong way, they’ll turn into ugly weapons.”
So never use your weapons in the wrong place and time; listen well, hear well, look and see well, and don’t blabber about things that you won’t be able to hold accountable for later on.

But as usual, thank you for reading,

Midnight Ranter


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