Welcoming Rant!

To my dear readers,

Okay, this will be quite lengthy so I thank you if you’re going to actually read it; and I promise to try to make this interesting.

I entitle this passage a little (not really) midnight rant:

So we now live in this very modern society where the extremes know very well how to cross their very own borders. Like.. Does the current generation even know of the word “limit”?

I sadly doubt so.

The point is, everyone is granted freedom of thoughts, voice, action and just.. Well, freedom in general. The upsetting point here is, we’re given THE freedom. The ultimate good one. No limitations. No second thoughts. No permissions. Just freedom.

A dear teacher once told me that if humans were given all of that freedom, we’ll be like animals in the jungle. And surely, she was quite on point (as usual).

So, hey, what comes with freedom?











Answer: Judgment.

Such a word, really. You cough, you have a cold. You sneeze, you’re filled with snort. You cry, you’re melodramatic. You laugh, you’re a loud lunatic.

Bah! Seriously, people? Why do we really just judge so fast? Why do we generalise and just get to extremism without thinking?

Let me give you a few examples here:

Just because I like Ronaldo doesn’t mean that I actually like Real-Madrid.

Just because I hated the character in the novel, doesn’t mean that I hated the story.

Just because I like Barcelona, doesn’t mean that I’m a fan of every player.

Just because I like football, doesn’t mean that I hate swimming.

Just because I’m talkative, doesn’t mean that I won’t shut up.

Just because I’m a reader, doesn’t mean that I’m a novelist. (I’m giving examples here. But I do write either way)

See? They tell us to not judge a book by its cover for a good reason. Don’t group people together just because they look, talk, or act alike. We’re humans and we’re, by nature, contradicting. I might like to cook but hate to bake; or like washing the dishes but hate vacuuming. Although you could simply group that into domestic activities and say that I’m a homey person. But that’s not true.

So that’s basically what I’m trying to convey down here. Don’t judge. Because everyone has the capacity for a change; good or bad.

And that doesn’t mean that we go practicing the wrongdoings and tell people to not judge us. That’s called exploiting a concept and that’s wrong.

Also, I’m not the type of girl who, when happy will update her status and say “Feeling delighted” and go laughing all over the FB wall, or who, when heartbroken, update the status and say “Feeling Crushed and someone get me a glue” no, that’s not me either.

But I want to state a fact. And where to state it other than the social media? So yeah, that’s that.

In the end, I’ll give you one sentence, think about it both in literally and metaphorically, and hey, do see whether it made good sense:

Just because I wear glasses, doesn’t mean that I’m blind.

And here begins our journey together, as ranters.


Midnight Ranter


6 thoughts on “Welcoming Rant!

    • Good lord! Thank you so blooming much! It means so much to me. I’ll do it (hopefully) once I’m freed from my captives, as I’m being inhumanely tortured at the moment (a very melodramatic way of saying that I have exams and they’re killing me). But once again, thank you!


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