Pants (trousers really) on fire~

Dearest readers,

I present you with yet another rant about this wonderful world of ours; considering the fact that I’m still hot and feisty. I think that it sort of felt good to let out something that was an annoying piece of my brain. Despite the fact that only a select few will read this, I still don’t feel particularly down; because some will take the time to read my good old rant.

So thanks again, peeps. I just hope that you hear (read) me out on this one.

DISCLAIMER: this is nothing personal. I’m just generally a talkative person, mind you.

Okay, here goes:

Can we all have a moment of silence and consider the term “hypocrisy”?

Literally, it is defined as: ‘the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.’

In other words, it typically includes egoism and lying. But mind you, egoism is nothing like having a sense of righteous dignity. They are definitely not the same. But the sad thing here is; the world is growing more hypocritical and I’m being frank here.

And by that I mean to say that liars are becoming quite popular around. See, I’m not a saint; I’m no angel either, but if anything is worth anything, I just hate lying. I loathe it. Religion aside, how do you expect to deal with a person whose words could literally mean nothing to you?

How do you expect to be able to trust anyone anymore?

How do you think life would be if we all turned to mere liars?

What would happen if there was no longer a truth?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the answers to all of these are quite sad. Now here’s another question:

Why do people lie?

Oh, I’ve gotten an answer to that: because they are cowards. I’m not judging them, I’m not labelling them, I’m just classifying their actions. Lying is just stealing with a bit of modification. If I trust you, I expect you to be up to that responsibility; not lie to me; trick me, or treat me as if I’m just another passerby. You wouldn’t want that; so don’t give it to others.


So there, we covered one. But if you lie, you could literally do every other thing all the more, I mean, would it matter?

No, it won’t. So don’t lie. Because if you do, then, believe me, you’ll cease to be a human. You wouldn’t care about anyone anymore; you wouldn’t think twice before deceiving someone; you wouldn’t be trustworthy anymore– if you ever were.

The saddest thing here is… You’ll start believing your own lies. Imagine deceiving yourself; tricking your own mind into oblivion and in a matter of little time, you’ll become self-deluded.

God, lying is such an ugly thing, you know. I could go on and on about it all day long. But even then, I wouldn’t convey half its defects. So just don’t steal a person’s right to the truth; don’t try to block the shimmering brightness of the only thing that’ll ever prevail, and don’t try to lead such a shameful life— it’s not worth it.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


Midnight Ranter



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